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Getting a Broker's License

So you want to become a Real Estate Broker?

An individual who wants to take the broker's examination for a Pennsylvania
broker's license shall:

1) Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and a high school graduate or its equivalency.

2) Applicants must complete 16 credits/240 hours (1 credit=15 hours) of real estate instruction in any of the following:

a. Obtaining a bachelors degree majoring in real estate from a college or university,
b. Obtaining a juris doctorate degree or
c. 10 of the 16 credits required must be in the following courses:

i. Real Estate Office Management (at least two credits)
ii. Real Estate Law (at least two credits)
iii. AND At least 6 credits in 3 of the following courses:

*Valuation of Income-Producing Property *Residential Construction
*Valuation of Residential Property *Real Estate Sales
*Real Estate Investment *Real Estate Finance
*Non-Residential Property Management *Basic Appraisal Procedures
*Residential Property Management *Basic Appraisal Principles

iv. The remaining 6 credits can be completed in any of the above topics or elective courses. Please note that a maximum of 4 credits is allowable per course.

3.   Courses must be completed within 10 years of the passing date of both portions of the examination unless the courses were taken as part of a bachelor’s degree or a juris doctor degree.

4.   Applicants must also complete and document a minimum of 3 years of real estate experience.

a. Licensed applicants must demonstrate their experience by documenting 200 points using the following point system:

i. Sale (Commercial or Residential) 5 points
ii. Exclusive listing which sold (Commercial or Residential) 5 points
iii. Unsold exclusive listing (Commercial or Residential) 1 point
iv. Lease (Commercial) 5 points
v. Lease (Residential) 1 point
vi. Property Management Assistance (Commercial or Residential) 6 points/per month

(Points are only awarded for full-time employment wherein no other points can be earned)
56 SPOA 2103 (02-12)

5.   Non-licensed applicants who gained their 3 years of experience in an exempt setting, such as attorneys and government employees, must document their experience on a detailed resume listing specific experiences in a combination of, but not limited to, the following:

* Counseling in real estate issues or areas where the advice is not primarily legal in scope
*Negotiations other than for legal issues *Sale, purchase, management or lease of real estate
*If you are using experience as an attorney, an original Certificate of Good Standing from the Supreme Court must accompany your resume.

6.  If you held an active broker’s license from another state within the last 5 years, you must submit an original certification of licensure or letter of good standing from that state dated within 90 days of the date this application is received in the Commission Office. The certificate/letter:

a. Exempts you from retaking the national portion of the examination in this state. Also,
b. It may provide an educational exemption or credit.

i. If the certificate/letter documents 16 credits/240 hours of education or that you have held an active license as a broker for more than 8 years.
ii. If the certificate/letter documents less than 16 credits/240 hours of education, 2 credits will be awarded for each year of active practice as a broker in the licensed state.



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